SwimRank - Help

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Fill in the search fields and press search. A surname is required. In the Search Results screen, up to 25 results are shown. Choose a name from the search results and SwimRank presents a list of personal best times for the selected person. By clicking on the star next to the name, the swimmer is added to the favorites.

Select a stroke and distance. SwimRank shows personal best times for this distance and stroke. Two icons on top of the screen can sort the times and show them in an interactive graph. Tap on individual times for more details (type and location of event). In the details screen, two additional screens provide detailed rankings (club, region) as well as split times.

If the searched person is not listed, please refine your search by adding a first name in the search.

On average, results of new events are updated in a few days after the event. Note that SwimRank retrieves data from the database of Geologix. For a successful search, here are some tips:

Unfortunately SwimRank is unable to change the shortcomings mentioned above. However, by far the major part of the information in the database is accurate, complete and usefull.


SwimRank will show all your favorite; with edit you can change the order or remove names. If data is retrieved earlier, SwimRanks can show all personal records of your favorite swimmer, even when offline. In this case, SwimRank will show the label offline on top of the screen.


SwimRank presents for both men and women the first 25 fastest swimmers in each age group; select an age group and gender, short or long course, stroke and distance and the results are shown. If there are more then 25 swimmers, SwimRank will show an option to load the next 25 available swimmers.

Age calculations for rankings are based on year of birth. For rankings the age is calculated based on the end of the season. A season is internationally defined as the period from august 1st to july 31th.

Note that if there are no results in an age group (for example at the beginning of a new season and then especially in the older age categories), the database shows the fastest times of the open category (all ages).


SwimRank can currently be used for swimming results in the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Portugal. Selecting country and language of the program-interface, is done at first startup of the program, however can be set differently in the settings tab. From the settings-tab, also the season Rankings can be set (version 1.2 and higher). Check from the 5 latest seasons provided or pick the all-time bests.


This application retrieves data from www.swimrankings.net (GeoLogix AS, Berne, Switzerland). SwimRank is dependent on the correct operation of this website. If this site is offline, for example in case of a maintenance, then the data can not be retrieved. The author of this application therefore can not fully guarantee the correct operation of this application. This application is not published or supported by swimrankings.net or GeoLogix. For questions or problems don’t contact swimrankings.net or GeoLogix. Please contact the author of SwimRank (Twitter: @SwimRank) instead.